About the Book

Lionel’s Law

Author: Don Bennett

Paperback 9781637280515 $17.99
PDF 9781637280522 $3.99
EPUB 9781637280522 $3.99
Kindle 9781637280522 $3.99

A young lawyer in Los Angeles lives alone with his cat until he meets a young lady and in one night together they agree to marry. Their plan is placed on hold because her mother kills her father and Lionel (the central character) is asked to defend her in court. After a successful outcome, the young couple marries only to become involved with a crime boss’s daughter Valentina. This leads to tragedy for Lionel and almost costs the life of him and Valentina. Her father is killed in a gangland shootout and his family is placed in danger from the new crime boss. Lionel must find a way to prevent him from killing Valentine and her family.